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  The Owner

When booking a vacation rental on the internet, you are dealing with someone you have probably never met. How can you be sure you can trust them, that they are who they say they are and will deliver the vacation you are seeking?

  • You can check Ian is the owner of Ian's Villa at Regal Palms by looking at the following online official records:
  • Ian lives in the village of Sherington, 50 miles north of London, in the UK, where he was a Parish Councillor from 2012 to 2015 and runs the web sites for the village and the Historical Society. You can check by looking at www.sherington.org.uk and www.mkheritage.co.uk/shhs
  • Many owners at Regal Palms bought their homes several years ago before the downtown in the economic climate, which resulted in property prices halving. They are trapped with a mortgage which is double the current house value and can only sell at a substantial loss. Those who are in financial difficulties may not have the cash to upgrade their homes, or even worse, they are in danger of foreclosure and repossession by their bank between taking your booking and your vacation. Is Ian in this situation? No. The house was purchased in 2014 at current prices. It was a cash purchase, without a mortgage, so Ian owns the house outright and there is no bank with an interest.
  • Does the owner actually use the property regularly himself? If so, it is more likely to be kept in good condition than if the owner has little interest. Ian's view is "If it isn't good enough for me, it isn't good enough for my guests". Ian certainly plans to use the house himself. He was there for 4 weeks each in May 2014, November 2014, April 2015 and September 2015, for example.
  • Is the owner helpful and does he answer questions? Ian says "Try me and see: my email is ian@rentregalpalms.com"
  • Why don't you have many reviews? Isn't that a bit suspicious? No, someone who has been renting for several years may have half a dozen reviews (and can you be sure they are not just family and friends?!!) but Ian is only just starting out. The first guest checked in on 2 June 2014. Ian will be delighted if you book and then provide a review!


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